Monday, June 8, 2009

Still Up This June…

…over the next few weeks, I’ll be posting lyrics from M.I.’s HHWA 2009 award-winning Talk About It album (now available on iTunes) which I can’t still get enough of. Sadly I can’t lay hands on his Illegal Music Mixtape so I’m still stuck with the debut album.

I’m still waiting to hear from Bobby Taylor on how to get the sophomore album and I’m seriously hoping Dante can help me out on this one. For now all I can say is watch out for the lyrics to Safe (yes, you heard me right) and several other tracks.

Still speaking of Safe, its music video just dropped and though I’m yet to see it, Lord knows when it’s going to grace TV. The video had been in the works for a while now (the guys at NotJustOK brought the Making to my attention first) and confirmed the video debut. These online music sources are definitely da BOMB! Thanks a million guys!!!

Plus Mo’ Hits And Ten Ten
On another note, my review of Wande Coal’s album is almost done and I’ll put that up once I’ve applied finishing touches. And for dessert, you can check out the Gbenga Salu-directed video to the Mo’ Hits All Stars single Ten-Ten off the M2M album plus I’ve even thrown in the lyrics close to the bottom of this post.

Their two bonus singles on M2M are a sure sign that the Mo’Hits crew are working on a new project and for their sakes I hope it’s better than their previous CV album.

PS: Finally, a question that has been bugging my mind: has anyone noticed the very low profiles that D’Banj and Kelly Hansome have been keeping recently from their respective record labels’ activities? What’s up with that, huh?

Have a swell week!


Track: Ten Ten (Bonus Track from the Album “Mushin2Mo’ Hits”)
Artistes: Mo’ Hits All Stars
Transcribed by: Naughty Eyes

[Intro - Wande Coal]
Every time I see … (echo) you girly
Every time I see you girly
Mo’ Hits! Don Jazzy again!
Every time I see you girly
Hey! Don Jazzy again!

[Wande Coal]
Every time I see you girl, you dey turn me on
If I no fit get you girl, I no go carry on
Pass me the paper, pass the crayon
Make I put your sexy body in-a there on
Girl, you’re one in a million
The only one fish in my aquarium
Baby girl, don’t you think that I’m very young
Age no be nothing but a number
Cos I’m-a keep, keep lovin’ you girl
Never, no skip, skip lovin’ you girl
Don’t wanna be like other guys wey dey take advantage just dey…

Use you play (ten-ten)
Everyday (ten-ten)
Yesterday (ten-ten)
My love no be ten-ten
I no be small pickin oh
Trust me I no go use you play (ten-ten)
Everyday (ten-ten)
Yesterday (ten-ten)
My love no be ten-ten
I no be small pickin oh (x 2)

[Dr. Sid]
Every time I see you girl, see you girl
You give me everything that I like
If it’s wrong to be loving you girl, loving you girl
Then I don’t wanna be right, eh
Cos you’re my generator when they take light
I go dey shout: “Up NEPA!” if you say you’ll be my wife
Na you dey bring joy to my life
If you offer me a chance you know I no go think am twice
Cos the boys dey wish for your loving
If it’s me you’re giving your loving
I’ll never be that guy who tries to take advantage to dey…

Repeat Chorus

B-b-bend down!
See, what you want girl, albeit it be drop-top
And a penthouse just to keep you on top
Bangles ‘pon da wrist them look like handcuff
Me money pile up from here to Bangkok
(Ladies!) you a fi need the man that strong like Hancock
By your side, at your back and even on top
Girl you look nice and your style is so top
(And me can’t shout) but me money can talk
When we walk, by your side me chest me pump up
When you go down on me, me always jump up
Salvatore, Ferragamo, Gucci, Louis Vuitton
That’s why me a fi sing this song

Repeat Chorus

(D’Prince is here!)

What’s D’Prince got to do just to get with you
Don’t necessarily mean I wanna sleep with you
I’m in need of a Princess and I think it’s you
Hmm… hmm… hmm… hmm… hmm… hmm… hmm…
I don’t need to ask my friends what they think of you
I see my future wife when I look at you
See I love you from your head to your Jimmy Choo’s
I’ma kiss you even if you’ve got the flu
See I’ve got what it takes to make your life easy
You know what it is, the Prince of ephizzie
Never gonna see me flirting on TV, believe me
I’m not deceiving
I’m never gonna…
Never gonna…

Repeat Chorus X 2

Instruments till Fade…

Lyrics © Mo’ Hits All Stars & Mo’ Hits Records 2008


What Nigerian Women deal with. said...

my favorite song for the year "TEN TEN", i love where the nigerian music industry is heading. nice post.

BSNC said...

i can't wait to see the lyrics of safe.

Naughty Eyes said...

@ WNWDW: Thanks! I'm glad you liked the song choice. I'm still writing up several posts on the Naija music scene.

@ BSNC: Your wish is my command!!!

bumight said...

could upload the illegal music mixtape for u its just that u have to say a couple of words,

Naughty Eyes said...

@ Bumight: My darling, Bumight... PLEASE???