Friday, May 23, 2008

I Apologize… Straight From The Heart...

Dear Good People,

How ironic it is that Nemesis seems to have finally caught up with me… After raging, ranting and raving about mediocrity, it is very sobering when you start becoming the very same thing you detest.

That’s the mood I’ve found myself these past few weeks. There is no true excuse really, only that the pressures of keeping a 6-days-a-week, 8 to 6 job (as opposed to a 9 to 5), suffering chronic insomnia and unwholesome dieting has finally taken its toll on me. And so Media Nemesis has had to suffer for my sins.

Anyway, before I go blabbing away, this is to tender my UNRESERVED apologies for not updating my posts as at when due. It was due to all the above reasons plus ICT issues beyond my control.

As a result, several back-dated posts will appear on this blog for a while leading off with the continuation of the Star Quest coverage up until fresher stuff starts becoming the staple like before.

Please bear with me…

Thank you,

JX “Naughty Eyes” Nemesis

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