Saturday, May 3, 2008

Speaking of STAR QUEST…

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Yeah, I know it’s still early days to start casting stones but we can start casting votes, can’t we? Checked out the Saturday April 26th 10:00pm broadcast of Nigeria’s best (absolutely my opinion) Music/Talent Reality show and I must say the six groups did impress with the a capella task they had been given to accomplish that day.

The 36 contestants are still too reserved to start displaying their individual flaws, flairs and despairs but the female vocalists are already proving the audition judges correct in selecting them from the myriads of entrants. Was it just coincidence or did it seemed that whatever they had vocally, they totally lacked in female fashion sense? Also most of the band leaders (they are all male by the way) put on lack-luster appearances when introducing their bands and the title of their songs. Their carriage and personalities came across as relatively dull. Rather disappointing describes it best...

Just in case you haven’t still caught the buzz before now, the six bands are: B-Sixz, Da Heritage, Spectrum, Next, Expozee and Diamonds. Jungle Filmworks, the TV production company, were even so kind as to show us part of the band-naming process but someone should have mildly cautioned Next for choosing a name that lacks originality. The members of Expozee should learn to stick to just one pronunciation of their band name too.

Based on their a capella, all the bands stood out though Expozee’s (whose members had a knack for saying, “My names are…”) piece came across as flat especially after Next’s gripping yet very traditional costume and tune. Ajumoke of The Diamonds also carried the day as the unofficial best female vocalist and boy, did she flaunt it. That voice still has a lot of great places to go with proper nurturing.

Feeling like you’re missing out already? Like I mentioned earlier, it’s still early days so it’s not too late to start sleeping days, keeping awake nights and praying PHCN doesn’t strike. Can’t wait to see the fireworks begin when the individuality clashes, band-member poaching and eviction worries become the staple of the show.

I’ll keep you posted…

PS: My votes for the four best bands already? They are: Next, B-Sixz, Da Heritage and Diamonds (not in that order, though). Let’s see how prophetic I’ll be!

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