Wednesday, September 3, 2008


In the days when i use to watch TV, I'll sit around with my friends jisting about the latest music, movies, TV show or radio programme... then maybe girls, academics or sports. We use to have an interesting time together until we graduated and everyone had to move on... scattered in different colleges. Then, due to circumstances beyond my control, i didnt get to watch TV anymore.

That would have been the end, but i discovered Blogger and Media Nemesis.

Blogspot provided the platform i needed to continue doing what i love to do and Media Nemesis makes my non-TV watching senario less daunting.

Media Nemesis, in a professional way expresses how i feel about the Nigeria media and reviews major happenings on TV i'd have love to withness firsthand... like the Gulder Ultimate Search 5. So, when the oppourtunity to contribute came, I (out of jealousy of Woomie) signed on.

And that's the connection. I like what he does, he likes what i do... birds of the same feature they say, flock together.

I'm going to be reviewing music videos and radio (stations, programmes, presenters, adverts etc), so be prepared for some dire comments from esquire.

BDW, I want to thank NE for this blog and the freedom given me to be a part of it. I hope/pray i live up to what is expected of me.

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Naughty Eyes said...

@ Esquire: BDW, Thank u too for accepting the Invite. Here's to better days on MN...