Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Commenting on the Comments 3: Serum’s Re-rejoinder

Like the former Comment, I decided to dedicate a full post to this instead of neglecting it to the background.

Pardon me. In all honesty, I really don’t have anything better to do at the moment:

From Serum:


I have always been an avid fan of your blog. Your eloquent execution of the English language is the first thing that caught my attention. Your realistic but comical spin on situations occurring in Nigeria should qualify you for some type of an award. I never usually comment but today, something caught my attention. I was reading an unusually long post that was dedicated to a comment you received regarding Kelly Hansome. As I read I thought to myself, wow I wonder what in the world the poster could have said to result in such a respond from the postee (namely you). I read and read and I found myself feeling familiar with the subject matter. I couldn't believe it. It is almost incredible, but I found myself to be Ms. Anonymous. I have to say thanks for making my day by devoting a whole posting to me and 3 whole postings to me and my favorite singer, Kelly Hansome. I also have to say thank you to (of course) you. Your ranting & raving over my status as Anonymous has resulted in turning an avid reader into a blogger. I have found a new passion. You, dear friend, have met your match. In a friendly way of course. Now I can understand that this is YOUR blog. You are allowed to write whatever you want. I understand you HATE 419. I also understand that you appear to have above average intellectual ability. I am just confused to why you think that Kelly either participates in 419 or is glorifying it. Let us not forget that music is entertainment. Just like movies. Brad Pitt played a vampire in "Interview with a Vampire". Does that make him a vampire? Does that mean that he is screaming for Americans to go out and suck the blood out of unsuspecting humans? Does this mean that he is glorifying a satanic lifestyle. I shall let you PONDER these questions, while I continue to roam the internet before the credit I purchased to use the net run out!

PS: Rayo, I told you he / she would be back, didn’t I?


esquire said...

Interesting the way things turned out. I actually didn't like the way you bashed the INNOCENT anonymous guy, that turned out to be Serum (what a name) but i decided not to say anything (for fear of being bashed as well) lol.

Now you've inspired a new blogger. Good for you. Didn't i say you have more followers than i do? (As if it's not glaring)

ps: i'm retrieving my number today so we can talk.

Serum said...

ohh I read the comment and I felt it was being shown enough so I deleted it. Kind of last impulse.

It seems you will be commenting first for a while because you are my only follower!

- And what exactly are you trying to figure out? I am an open book. Ask a way!

rayo said...

hmmn, NE na wa oh, lets see what this new blog will be like sha, b4 i make my judgements. now ne, u rili have to stop givn free publicity to serum and hansome oh

rayo said...

another thing NE, can we get serum's url?

Naughty Eyes said...

@ ESQ: INNOCENT!?? You call someone who called me a 419er INNOCENT! Ol' boy, don't let me bash you oh! (lol) As for the name "Serum" I dig it too. I think it's rather cool (I also LOVE all the names in The Matrix).
Retrieve that line before I forget what we wanted to talk about oh!
@ Serum: (sigh) How many times have I told you this is my blog? I'm re-posting your comment in its original location...
@ Rayo: I TOTALLY agree with you on the free publicity thing that's why I deliberately left out the URL. You can actually find links to Serum all over my blog. (Hint: Try the Comments link or the Followers tab)

esquire said...

Yeah, that name reminds me of the Batman series.