Tuesday, June 30, 2009

My Life’s Soundtrack - Teaser

This here’s my last M.I. track for the month of June…
The lyrics of this track were once the subject of debate between two Facebook-ers on the MI group page. Interestingly, the debate stems mostly from each person’s interpretation of what feature-artiste Pype is really saying, giving his strong patois and the overlapping beats.
Too bad few Naija artistes bother releasing the lyrics of their tracks so we’ll just keep doing the transcribing for them.
This here is my own interpretation of that song…

Track: Teaser (Track 5 from the album Talk About It)
Artiste: M. I. (feat Pype)
Transcribed by: Naughty Eyes

[Hook] x 3
Me tell her say I’m the girl pleaser, big booty squeezer
Teaser looking for a diva fo’ shizz-a
What you need is a geezer cool like a freezer
Rule like a Ceasar

Bling! 7-star General ‘longside M. I.

Repeat Hook

And that’s me…

Me tell her say: Hello Mamacita
You a-sexy chick-a
I’m a girl teaser
So baby let me please ya
Far from a church mouse but love a lotta cheese-a
Me loving your features
Can you move your feet-a
I’m a Loopy President, you can be my Evita
If a girl don’t wanna flow, me always delete her
And me never repeat her
Me look for something sweeter
Take me to the club and make it hot like a heater

From Pype to the Pipe, Pype, Pype!
From the juvenile, irreversatile
They did not promote girl, we the genuine
Love them to swallow them pride
And just to gleam and wine
7-star General, MI, fresh rhyme
Me a-flip it, lift it on it and the girl them love I
And we no nigh ‘pon them mime midnight to 5
Me love the girl them pretty head to toe
And what you a-goner? Me a-sing all night

Repeat Hook x 2

So me tell her:
Have you ever been to Jamaica
Been to Malaysia
All I’ve got is paper so let me upgrade ya
Take you to the next level like an elevator
Your boyfriend is a hater
But he can be our waiter
I’m solar energy and he a-generator
I’m a-PC and he a-cheap calculator
Girl I got dough I bake bread like a baker
Now you’re on my radar so let me get your data

OK! Suddenly me pull me pepperoni ‘pon a pizza
And these girls them love me just like them redeemer
Give it to them and they call me the teacher
Me flip it, lift it on it and the girl no retire
From me roll, send me love their way
To the early morn me no run away
Fi give the girl them truly what them need
7-star General, MI once again

Repeat Hook x 2

And that’s me… (echo)

Pype [Spoken]
Rump on it
Crump on it
MI and Pype!

Repeat Hook x 2

MI and Pype!
Begin the wine
Me love the way me see some boys
Big up them chest like a-them King Kong
Say from now till the early morn
For you we a-fi ever sing song

Repeat Hook

7-star General, ‘longside MI
Me a-sing fi the girl them
Ok, alright
Ok, alright…


Lyrics © M.I. & Chocolate City Music 2008


esquire said...

I aint gonna lie, you did a good job decoding what Pype what saying in that song. You have a such a good ear for decoding songs; all the songs you've transcribed are always on point. That's a talent, you know? And you know what they say about talents, DON'T LET IT WASTE! You can get paid for transcribing songs. Seriously! I'm willing to pay you, just give me a call.

Naughty Eyes said...

@ Esquire: Thanks for the compliments. Yeah, transcribing might be a talent but it isn't one that is visibly recognisable unlike songwriting for instance. Transcribing ranks somewhere up there with copying and reverse engineering - both professions of which have negative connotations.
But thanks for the offer anyway. I'll call you...