Sunday, October 26, 2008

Make Una See Me See Trouble Oh!

Just when I was on me lonesome chilling, planning my next big review, checking my blogs and mails and doing the blog rounds jejely, I happened to see (with immense jollification I must add) the “1 New Comment Needs To Be Moderated” notification sitting smack dab on my Blogger Dashboard.
In all happiness, I clicked the link and what I saw was the long mail a.k.a. comment published below.
But first some background info. When I wrote about Kelly Hansome’s “Maga Don Pay” video, little did I know the amount of dust it would generate. Now it seems somebody wants to threaten me with L.B.A. (Lyrical Body Assault) and V.B.H. (Verbose Body Harm)! Imagine small ME!
Anyway, in case you don’t understand what the entire hullabaloo is all about, you can click here to see my original post on the Kelly Hansome case. In order as to give everybody a fair hearing and to further demonstrate my objectivity, I’ve decided to publish the Anonymous comment (totally UNABRIDGED and totally UNEDITED) here instead of just discarding it where the original post is.
Not only that, I’m also posting my friend (my proper Internet paddy) TRAE-z’s comments here too for your reading pleasure. After reading them, I’m sure you can see why TRAE’s still my friend and Anonymous isn’t.
So, first from Anonymous:

so you are wrong on so many ways about Kelly HANSOME (hansome I repeat Hansome). Hansome is not misspelled in any way shape or form. It is actually his family last night. His mothers last name is Hansome. His brothers last name is hansome. His fathers last name is hansome and so on and so on. The family last name was orginally orji but they changed it as so many Nigerian families do these days. Sometimes you may find a member of his family who goes by the name of Hans. And the video title wasn't misspelled either. The song is actually called MAGA DON PAY as he does say MAGA DON PAY THEN MUGU DON PAY. The video was shot in LA. As for censoring....if you don't want to listen to a certain song then don't but as for me I love the song. It has nothing to do with 419. As far as I understand he is praising God for the breakthrough in his musical career. If you interpret the song as having 419 undertones maybe it is because you yourself practice or havce practiced 419 and that is the direction your brain wants to wander. The song is hott and we are each entitled to out own opp ion and this is mine!

And TRAE-z’s:

at times we need not take things too seriously all the time. i think Kelly Handsome's "Maga don pay/too much money" is a terrific song. definitely in the class of Olu Maintain's "yahoozee" and Nkem Owoh's "i go chop your dollar".music expresses reality, good or bad. deal with it

Thanks TRAE, I’m about to deal with it.
Expect my reply to the Anonymous assault next post…

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