Friday, February 13, 2009

I Am Indeed Grateful…

…to everyone who took out time to express concerns over my last post. The reactions via comments, e-mail, FB and good old SMS have been really touching. Now I am certain there is indeed love in Blogville (of the platonic, erotic, agape and fantasy kinds, of course).

There’s also a group I’m grateful to. They are called the nay-sayers. If for nothing, their views have spurred me on to keep searching for a much better job. It would indeed give me immeasurable joy just to look for an opportunity to tell them “I told you so”. (Special shout-out to my neighbour who came to tell me he wants to apply for the job I just quit. Thanks for the insensitivity).

They have also taught me a lesson: Sometimes bad news is best shared with only those who will most obviously eventually get to know of the drama or those who bother to ask. Honestly, I could have done without some opinions.

Yeah, I know, I know… I haven’t updated any of my “plenty” blogs in quite a while and as you can guess, this isn’t a proper post, just an on-the-spur-of-the-moment thing. I am still operating in zombie-mode at present but I’ll soon be back to becoming my normal annoying self, digging through your archives, putting up serious/scatter-brained posts and leaving witty comments on all your blogs and FB walls.

Now this: I didn’t intend to indulge in name-dropping at first but I’ve decided to show my gratitude to a few special bloggers this way:

Afrobabe, thanks for commenting on my “plenty” blogs. Reading your comments, now I am so glad I chose you for wife (What?!! You didn’t know?)

Bumight, remember that part of our vow where it says “For better, for worse”? I was actually considering taking over FBA’s job you know, but the sheer number of applicants scared me quite a bit because my CV might get lost in the multitude. But who knows, maybe if there’s an opening in the Park for an eye-glass-wearing tout, I too can tender my own “garage money”! LOL!

DB, (man are you always online?) you dropped your comments even before I finished editing the post! Thanks for the love and support, bro. And your e-mail…

SSD, you correct jo! Lawyer, babe, wife, activist, patriot, agony aunt, oyibo, Nigerian… I don’t even know what to call you sef. Doug wasn’t kidding when he called you A-W-E-S-O-M-E! Thanks oh! If not for your “ogogoro” suggestion, I don’t think I’d have had the “liver” to go ahead (LOL). Now I know why TE, TK, Bomboy and Mr. SSD love you so much (they personally told me) *wink, wink*

LG bey-bey! No vex! I been dey plan BIG for you this Valentine but devil don spoil plans for my pocket. Anyway, you fit come around make we manage soak garri and tapioca that day. We fit even go Chinedu house go watch Naija movie sef, after all him get Tiger generator. Thanks babe *chops LG’s knuckle*

~ Sirius ~ hmmm… Seriously, looks like you’ve been tracking Afrobabe all over my blogs o! Anyway, thanks sis! I know I haven’t been blog-visiting and commenting like I ought to but I will change soon, promise. (By the way, did I ever tell you I like the profile pix?)

And for all those wonderful, wonderful people I neglected to mention please, vex-eth not. I decided to save the best for last. Here it is:


I hope to be back to regular scheduled programming by next week.



Danny Bagucci said...

guess that's the best part of community.. pulling together when we need to... stay strong bro... your guts inspire me...

exschoolnerd said...

guess i am not ur friend cause u didnt tell me about it.

LG said...

my sugar-potato' i dey vex o, i wait u taya for chiedu haus' u nor show HABA!!!! which kind falentine be dat? u go give dat nansense chiedu chance to toast me *loud hiss* but trust now' i no gree' me and omo-ibo 'lailai :)

*hope u r doing well
oya catch am..........muaah :)