Saturday, February 7, 2009

The Quitter

Hello peeps! Yes, I did promise not to post personal stuff here but I just had to do this seeing it’s my most favourite blog and all that.
I’m still suffering from self-induced shell shock after a sudden Life-defining decision I took recently and for now I can’t really see what lies ahead. Anyhow, someday in the near future when I eventually figure it out I’ll tell you here or on my Office blog why I did this…

My Address,
2nd February, 2009

The Managing Director,
S.L.A.V.E. Inc,
The Company Address,


Due to several personal reasons, I regrettably wish to resign from my position in this company with effect from today. This letter serves to give you the required 2 weeks’ notice. [1]

It was an eventful experience working under you but these circumstances will necessitate my relocation, hence this decision.

Thank you.

JonXavier I. A.

So there! I’ve done it. It’s official.

And so with no savings, no prospective job offers and my future plans teetering on Jeopardy Mountain, I’ve finally done what I’ve been threatening to do for months and thrown in the towel. Interestingly, since then I’ve been getting mixed reactions since I called/SMS-ed my friends and siblings to give them the gist. Here’s a sample:

Woomie asked me if it was “faith or foolishness” (I still think it was half a dozen of one and 6 parts of the other).
Rayo was stunned (or so I think?).
My sis says it’s the most courageous thing I’ve ever done.
Esquire said… (what did he say actually? I think he just repeated my statement).
My ex-fling asked why I did such a stupid thing when I no other job offers.
My best friend (female), T Banky said nothing (and I thought she’d be the first to call me back and cry with me. Hmmm…)
Three other “best friends” of mine have said nothing too.
My elder bro said I shoulda consulted with him first (surprising because he’s been pestering me to sod the job since Day Half)
One other friend said it’s part of God’s bigger plans for me (Amen!)
Haven’t told my younger bro yet (as a result of my bruised ego, really)
My mum’s yet to check her e-mail as of when I wrote this… (methinks she’ll do a Thanksgiving when she does read it)
Haven’t told any of my Blogville wives too (for fear of receiving multiple e-divorces)
And I just told the rest of you

Reactions, anyone?

In the midst of all these, Wo’s question still haunts me though.

Was this really faith? Or foolishness?

[1] Section 1 of the Employment Agreement dictates that “one month’s notice is required by either party for normal termination of employment after the probation period. Two weeks shall be required during probation.”

I finished Probation 3 months ago but my full employment had never been confirmed so technically, I was still under Probation. The Boss disagreed with my thinking though so we’re still trying to reach a compromise on that thorny issue. He says he’ll pay me to stay the whole month but I find it hard to believe until I see the paper or see it on paper!


Danny Bagucci said...

WOW.. Take a lot of courage to do that bro.. Here's hoping you get the break you so deserve elsewhere... Rgds.. DB

Naughty Eyes said...

@ DB: Thanks! I really need all the kind words I can get especially now people close to me are making me feel like it was a stupid decision. One of the ways to become a man, huh?
PS: On a lighter note, I was still online editing the post when your comment popped in. You no even gree the bread bake finish you don chop am already!

Afrobabe said...

Yes babes, thats the way forward, when I left my big name small salary MTN job peopel thought I was mad too but things can only get better after that...afterall u be engineer!!

bumight said...

maybe i'm missing something?

why did u quit exactly? i want to hear the full story before i say anything else

just as i was thinking u could sign up for FBA's night job, now this? at least FBA brought his garage money, lol

LG said...

LG sayssssssssssss chop knuckles' i jst hope u r ready 4 the Big one :)

it is well

esquire said...

I didn't say anything cos i knew it was meant to happen anyway. I mean, you've been hinting on it since like God knows when! You even started a blog about how you hate the job (or so it appears to be). What was i to say? Oh, I said Oh, you just didn't hear it!

~Sirius~ said...

Ok........Just coming from office blog, and I left a comment saying I think you should think of leaving.

ost people say it's better to get another job before you quit the one you have, but in your case I say Nah!.........I'm sorry, job sounded like a S@*! hole (Please excuse my french)

Here's to the future.


Well, you wouldn't have quit if you didn't have a good reason, shebi. And since your sister says its the most courageous thing you have done, I will have to say congrats, best of luck and for sure this will force you to probably do what it is you love to do. You will be surprised at how successful that will be for you. God dey!