Friday, March 20, 2009

Oya, Make We Answer…

Or rather, make me and Woomie answer first. Albeit almost a week late!

My, my, my… We asked for it, didn’t we? Good thing you guys didn’t seize the opportunity to hammer us with some really probing questions oh… I was mighty scared thinking someone would ask those going-red-in-the-face type questions (note to self: next time don’t promise to answer anything)

Thanks to those of you who did ask (special shout out Buttercup! Little did I imagine we’d start receiving questions even before the Anniversary) and like they say opportunity does come but once so if you didn’t take the chance to ask for our photographs, well what can I say…

Obviously, in line with the current re-branding exercise, my two partners-in-crime seem to have re-branded their tickle buttons, making them difficult to find so anyways, I’ll put up our answers first then Esquire will come in later with his so do check back for updates.

I did promise we’d answer honestly so without much ado, let the Interrogation, sorry questioning begin!

Buttercup: (1) What prompted you guys to, uh, join forces? (2) Did you meet on blogville? (3) Are y'all in relationships at the moment?

NE: (1) Uh, to form Voltron? Ok, just kidding… Actually, I invited Woomie to join because in my opinion she has a great personality plus she’s also a great writer and she expressed her views concerning TV so well in a comment she wrote. Esquire on the other hand has the same qualities and is very good when it comes to music.
(2) Yes, we all met on Blogville though I’ve also met Woomie once and Esquire twice in real life and they’re so, so nice! I don’t regret I did one bit.
(3) I speak for myself on this one. Sadly, no I’m chronically single. I’m still searching frantically but no one dey give me face so I just dey maintain. If it goes for anything sha, I do have MASSIVE crushes on certain female bloggers though…

Woomie: (4) Am I in a relationship with Jon Xaiver? Nah. Come to think of it sef, Jon, why haven't you 'toasted' me??? lol. I have met him only once, but then there're phone conversations once in a while. We have what I call a 'healthy' friendship.

LG: Happy blog-versary! The funny thing is mine’s also this month so that makes us ….?

NE: Simple… That makes us (you and me) ONE! ***wink, wink***

AlooFar: How would you like to save the world?

Woomie: From what? eh!@? From what? Aloofar??? From runaway bloggers like you??? Please Please Please, I'm still not talking to you. Come back!!! Or at least explain why you're leaving.

NE: Actually, not very much thank you! Ok, I could spout lines about how through super-heroism or ecological protection or by loving the world one person at time I could achieve world salvation but honestly, that’s so not true. Moreover, the Son of God actually did a better job of it than I could ever try to…

Danny Bagucci: What one thing do you think if you changed about your world would make the most difference?

NE: Truly? My low self-esteem. If I had learnt to believe in myself a whole lot more when I was younger, I’m sure my world would have been a whole lot different by now.

Woomie: Danny, I thought real hard about this question. What would matter most is if the way people see me changed, first they see me as a person, then as a woman. If I changed into a man, it would make a major difference.
Note: I haven't considered this craziness...ever! Women R.O.C.K.!!!

Seye: (1) I see you have deleted a question. Was it a bad question? (2) If you had one wish…I WISH! What would it be? (3) What exactly keeps you going in the blog-o-cycle?

NE: (1) I NEVER delete comments except the spam ones. Guess someone sent in a question twice and probably deleted the comment themselves…
(2) Ha! Been answering this one since I read fairy tales as a kid. Simple… I’d wish for uncountable wishes! However free, fast, unlimited internet access does come close.
(3) I’m not sure what keeps me in the blog-o-cycle, actually. I think of throwing in the towel countless times especially when I write something serious and get no comments but occasionally, when I look at my Feedjit feed it’s reassuring to know someone out there is reading. That must be it.

Woomie: (2) I would wish for a million more wishes, one wish doesn't cover everything I want, for myself and the people I care about. But if that was impossible I'll just wish for God to take away all the evil in the world.
(3) Blogville is the one place where I've found real people, down to earth, generous-with-sincere-advice kinda people. People care in blogville, even if they don't, at least they pretend to and it's what matters. The anonymity intrigues me. There's you and Jon Xaiver and Buttercup and Afrobabe miles apart, yet we can talk and share ideas and laugh and cry together and just be ourselves. I can be anything I want to be here in blogville and no one sits in total judgment of me, when something good or bad happens, I want to rush and tell my people here, when I want to laugh I know where to go. It's the circle of friends that we have here, the sincerity and the surprise that it's even possible that keeps me going.

We've got some wonderful people here.

Solomon Sydelle: SERIOUS question… Shortbread or Okin Biscuit?

Woomie: Mehn! Solomonsydelle, you've got the wierdest question. Okin (four corner) anyday anytime. They stopped selling it around and I miss it a lot.

NE: SERIOUS answer… Shortbread. Believe me, I’ve eaten enough Okin to last a lifetime. But seriously, Madam Solo, you astound me! You KNOW Okin???

Laide “Ex-schoolnerd”: Don’t know what to ask… here goes nothing. Are you happy?

NE: No. Reason? I know I have the potential to be the Best in everything yet I hardly do anything to tap that potential. It kills me inside everyday. That’s just one reason.

Woomie: I cannot say I'm sad, that would be ungrateful of me. But I definitely could be happier. There are so many voids to fill, so many places to go, so many things to do, a million and one unspoken words. I could be happier, but I am grateful for life(in the true meaning of the word), for laughter, for my job, for one or two friends, for my family...I am happy about these things. I am happy.

SpicyTee: (1) How old are you? (2) What are you wearing now? (3) What makes you tick? (4) Why do you write so lengthy? (5) Where is the party?
PS: No story oh….

NE: (1) Football age: 29
(2) Shorts only. It’s 4:22 am right now yet the Lagos temperature is HOT!
(3) I dunno… I guess I could say God, love, meeting people, the belief that I’m unique, my innate potentials, etc, etc
(4) Expression. Or even better, Wealth of Expression. I don’t belong to the one-sentence-on-your-Facebook-wall Brigade and I believe some things are best expressed in a free-flowing lines. It’s just like a good book or movie you sit down with despite the length. I still have to learn how to summarise though… Would you like to teach me? **wink, wink**
(5) Blogville Hall (next door to Planet One) he he!!!
PS: 5 questions yet no story?

Woomie: (1) I’ll be twenty years young on the fourth of July.
(2) A pink shirt and a pencil skirt. I’m at work.
(4)Eeerm…this’s Xaiver’s question, not mine.
(5) The party is over luv!!!

Vera: (1) What is the inspiration for your name? (2) Describe a beautiful woman. What would she look like? What would she act like? What would she sound like? (3) What would you rather have: a big wedding & a short honeymoon OR a small wedding & lengthy honeymoon? (4) Who do you like better: Beyonce or Jennifer Hudson?

Woomie: (2) I think physical beauty is overrated. I don’t care about the hips, the hair or the skin. I care about the mind…I love a beautiful mind.
(3) A small wedding and a lenghty honeymoon mehn!!!...a lifelong honeymoon actually.
(4) I like Beyonce better...she is a D.I.V.A. and Jenny is too, but she and Beyonce ain't mates mehn!!!

NE: (1) LOOOOONG story. Anyway, here goes… The “4 Eyes” moniker stuck on me ever since I started wearing glasses and since I have multiple personalities, I assigned an “eye” to each one. Weird huh? Well, once while commenting on a photo of a Naija celebrity in which one of her nipples was very visible, I started with the words: “I spy with my Naughty Eye, something starting with ‘N’” and from there, the four N eyes were born.
The rest are nicknamed Natty, Nutty and Nemesis but I prefer just the Naughty one nowadays.
(2) A beautiful woman is just that: beautiful. Not merely physical, mark you (not that I would mind that) but I do actually love a beautiful brain and character more. So she doesn’t have to look beautiful, she should act decent (with a dash of the devil sprinkled in sometimes) and as for her speech, so long as she can keep me otherwise occupied, she can say whatever she likes…
(3) Well, how about a very small wedding and a life-long honeymoon? Ah! Woomie, I chose my answer first oh!!!
(4) Ain’t really got much “like” for celebs but after watching Dreamgirls I think I prefer Jennifer Hudson better (also I seem to be having something for big-bodied women nowadays). The celeb I like best though goes by the name of Vera.

Rayo: Have you had or do you have serious blog crushes? Name them please…?

NE: YES! Names? In no particular order: SpicyTee, LG, Woomie, Vera, Ex-schoolnerd, Bombchell, Fantasy Queen, Badderchic, Bumight, Lil’ Woman, Buttercup, Funmi Iyanda, Afrobabe, Princesa, et cetera, et cetera and you too, Rayo dear… Need I say more?

Woomie: When I was new in blogville...I had a crush on The Whisperer. I hope he never reads was he who encouraged me to start blogging. But that's all it was sha.

PS: Well, well… This was fun and I’m already looking forward to our second blog-versary. Here’s hoping ALL you guys will still be around then so we can do this again.

Take care and have a GREAT weekend!



Spicytee said...

@Naughty..I will teach you shit..Which planet one(Both of u sef no serious) You re saying two different things.
@Woomie how come you missed question 3...I'm going to fine you.And parry must not be over o..We must drink and dance.


Well I am a shortbread person, so Woomie, you fail, lol!

JustDB said...

LOL @ football age?.. Err.. so wt is the real age now?

Buttercup said...

lol..loved ur responses!!!!

the both of u r quite interesting and intelligent!

p.s. thanks for the shout out! *beaming with pride*

Naughty Eyes said...

@ Spicy: I scheduled a Hall beside Planet One but by the time Wo! showed uo (African time, no less) the party was over - hence our different replies!

@ SSD: Glad you agree with me...

@ DB: SO you seriously believe those Under-17 guys are Under-17? Subtract their facial difference from their football age and add same to mine!

@ BC: THanks! Are we struggling to kill each other with compliments now? The shout-out is all yours dear.