Sunday, March 8, 2009

It’s Question Time: On The Eight of March…

…roughly 365 days ago, I put up my very first post on this blog! Yay!!!! Today is actually my very first blog-versary (or whatever they call it) so I’m raving MAD as in STARK BONKERS at the moment!!! For someone who never celebrates anniversaries, I don’t know why this one has been shacking me pass LG and ogogoro combined for the past 2 WEEKS!!!

No, it wasn’t my first foray into blogging (I had actually started a personal blog sometime earlier which I later scrapped - then started again, then scrapped) and my profile reads I joined Blogger in February 2008, meaning that for the first few weeks I thought and thought and thought of what my first salvo on this blog would be.

I did have the Sasha album review already laced out but I felt it would be bad form jumping the gun like that so what did my crazy ass do? I went ahead to do an imaginary interview with myself!

Looking back at those early posts, the zero comments (I almost cried when I got the very first one) and the philosophies and ideals I started off with, it sometimes shames me to see how differently I’ve evolved in just a year, I don’t know why…

Anyway, towards the end of that post, I wrote that anyone who had any serious questions to ask could mail me via any of my two e-mail addresses but that’s so old-school now. And so in line with a new way of marking anniversaries that will soon be the norm as practiced by Charizard and of late, Vera here’s what I’m going to do.

I’m giving any blogger who’s interested anyway, the chance to leave comments asking me any question (and I mean any, not even one that’s remotely serious) on anything you’ve ever wanted to ask me and I promise to answer them as honestly as I possibly can. Moreover, since my questioners might actually be few, there’s no actual limit at all to the number of questions you can ask.

Here’s also another really sweet part: You don’t have to ask only I, Naughty Eyes, the questions. Yes! You can ask the entire Editorial Team (that’s including Esquire and Woomie O!) any questions and they too will be sure to answer them (I’ll force them to if they don’t… I know all their tickle buttons!)

So here’s hoping you join us in making our day extra-special by asking any really funny, witty or I-just-want-to-know questions you can come up with and I tell you, we can’t wait to start typing the juicy answers!

I’ll let this run for a week then I hope to put up the answers in my next post coming up on the 16th. Meanwhile, I’ve got a poolside party to attend with all my female blog crushes so you can bribe me if you want to make the ever-expanding guest list. (OK, I’ll even invite some correct guys too…)

PS: By the way, still copying Vera’s tradition, I will be accepting flowers, cakes, love letters, perfumes and cards so do feel free to give them to me in person or via my e-mail addresses (both of them do work but Yahoo keeps transferring all my cakes to the Spam Bin). All other congratulatory messages should be aired on the TV or Radio!

Gotta bounce now…

Today’s a WONDERFUL day for us. We hope it is the same for you too…


Danny B said...

LOL.. Need to decide what kind of raz question to ask you.. will be back!

LG said...
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LG said...

LG and shepe combined shebi??? :-)
*happy blogversary' d funny thing is mine's also dis month, so dat makes us -------(dats my 1st question n NO!!!! u can call a friend :-)


AlooFar said...

how would you like to save the world?

Danny B said...

LOL.... Wah headed this way anyways...
-What one thing do yo think if you changed abt your world would make the most difference?

seye said...

I see you've deleted a comment. Was it a bad question?
Happy blogoversary!lol

1.If you had one wish...I WISH! what would it be.

2. What exactly keeps you going in the blog-o-cycle? Well, this is a serious question.


I have a VERY SERIOUS question.


Shortbread or Okin biscuit?

exschoolnerd said...

lol @ solomon's question

don't know what to goes nothing

Are u happy?

Spicytee said...
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Spicytee said...

Congrats bro.
But I'm thinking.... What should I ask you oh* Some nail bitting..Hmm
Ok I have 5 questions 4 u.
1. How old are you?
2. What are you wearing now?
3. What makes you tick?
4. Why do you write so lenghty.
5. Where is d party?

PS no story oh.. And LOL @ SSD..

Vera Ezimora said...

LOL! Well, I'm glad that I'm such an inspiration. LOL.

Dang it! Wanted to ask your age, but Spicey Tee beat me to it.

Okay uhm...

1. What is the inspiration 4 ur name?

2. Describe a beautiful woman. What would she look like? What would she act like? What would she sound like?

3. What would you rather have: a big wedding and a short honeymoon or a small wedding and lenghty honeymoon?

4. Who do you like better: Beyonce or Jennifer Hudson?

I'm all outta questions.

rayo said...

o.k here goes. hve u ever had, or do u hv serious blog crush. name(s) pls :)