Saturday, March 8, 2008

Welcome to Media Nemesis

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Quote: “Television - all it has ever done is teach people how to tolerate mediocre entertainment”

Are you one out of the millions of Nigerians who possess a passionate love for all forms of entertainment and a critical eye for the media sector in general? Do you feel it’s about time the media shaped up? Are you fed up with being force-fed with run-of the-mill fare? Then this blog is for you!

What do you call a blog whose main attention is the objective, humourous, satirical (and occasionally sarcastic) review / critique of the (mostly Nigerian) mass media written from the point of view of an observer with an undisputable passion for entertainment, a fanatical addiction for music and an unfaithful love for television? You call it: Media Nemesis.

Welcome to my blog, my arena to express my views on what I feel is mainly wrong and mostly right with the larger entertainment scene just outside the immediate environs of our senses. Mediocrity is the ailment, Entertainment is the cure and Media Nemesis is my stethoscope.

Despite the seeming solemnity of the views expressed in this blog, I should probably here advice that readers may do well to take some things here with a bit of reservation, the proverbial pinch of salt. Just ask most chefs though and they will tell you that pinch can make all the difference between a masterpiece dish and supper left-overs. What exactly am I driving at? Though I take my blog and the views expressed therein seriously, there is no apparent need for me to shove them down the throat of any dissenter.

On your first rendezvous with this blog, you may be compelled to ask a few questions. In my usually laid-back posture, I want to imagine how my first interview with you would go:

Q: What is Media Nemesis?
A: What? Oh? Can’t you read?

Q: Who authors MN?
A: MN is written by me, JonXavier Ashiedu Ibusa III, a cyberholic computer aficionado, entertainment/media consumer extraordinaire and partially-employed Nigerian who still thrives on the welfare and goodwill of his siblings. This particular brand of family generosity enables me watch a lot of television in the first place while working on my computer in the hopes of starting an Internet-based business, study for an ICT certification and apply for any kind of employment online or offline, seriously hoping that an HR Head somewhere will turn a half-blind eye and eventually give me better employment someday. (Sigh…) Typically just one out of the large percentage of our Nigerian wrongfully-employed…

Q: Are you really serious?
A: Yes, I do take my views, reviews and opinions seriously though here I feel it is appropriate to say they are STRICTLY my OWN views, reviews and opinions. As for me being serious myself, weeeeeell…

Q: So what can we expect from reading your blogs?
A: OK. Just like I been saying for some time now: My most objective opinions, views, reviews, news gist, gossip and speculation on virtually everything ENTERTAINMENT, bearing in mind that that will be the FULCRUM on which all of these will lean on. And so, I, JX A I the Third, do solemnly swear to tell it EXACTLY AS IT IS, WITHOUT BIAS, PREJUDICE, FAVOUR OR FLOURISH, IRRESPECTIVE OF WHOSE OX, HORSE, COW, GOAT, TURKEY, FOWL, LIZARD, RAT, ANT OR MICROBE IS GORED, AMEN!

Q: Why a blog?
A: Actually, the financial implications of website hosting is a privilege that can not be taken for now. After being introduced to blogging as a suitable stepping stone to join the World Wide Web experience, I’ve embraced it wholeheartedly in the interim. Of course, the site plans are still in the pipeline, so to speak, so don’t be surprised when this blog eventually matures to become a full-blown site complete with videos, discussion groups, dedicated fanbase, etc.

Q: What exactly are your Entertainment credentials?
A: Credentials? None, actually. But what are YOUR readership credentials?

Q: OK. So who REALLY are you that gives you the RIGHT to be a critic?
A: (Sigh…) Well, plainly speaking, I’m just this fun-loving dude who loves writing first and entertainment second. This blog is thus the best marriage of both passions. Also as a long-time entertainment devotee, I bet that gives me the right to express my opinions publicly when so concerned as most people do privately…

Q: Are you affiliated to any record company, TV or radio station, entertainment outfit, etc specifically bent on promoting specific personalities or your clients, so to speak, while running others down?
A: Let me answer that question this way. Our major motto on Media Nemesis is this: NO FRIENDS, NO FOES, NO GODFATHERS…

Q: So do you own any…
A: (Cuts in shouting) That’s enough! I’ve got lots of stuff to write instead of just answering dumb questions! Shoo! Get movin’ man!

PS: Got any really serious questions to ask? We’ll continue this later. Meanwhile just send them via e-mail to or or click on the Comments link to drop a comment. I promise to answer ALL of them sometime soon. See you next post!

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