Tuesday, March 11, 2008

MN: The Philosophy

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Hi there everyone! Good News… Media Nemesis is still up and running. Better News… the anticipation is building. Best News… expect my very first review next post.

Want to know what I’m reviewing next post? Well, I’ve let the cat out of the bag at the end of this piece. But that is a post for another day. What I’m going to try and do today is get really serious and explain the Philosophy / Ideology behind Media Nemesis without using too many ambiguous words. (Did you ever notice that the word “ambiguous” sounds well… ambiguous?)

First, the Name:
Take the name Media Nemesis literally and you get this -

media: mass media - organizations such as TV, radio and newspapers that provide news, entertainment and information for the public

nemesis: literary - a punishment that is deserved and cannot be avoided; retributive justice

Figuratively though, the Media Nemesis name embodies a stage where the elements that make up what the Nigerian public sees, hears or reads as entertainment are appreciated, studied and x-rayed through my limited microscope. Limited? Yes! Even I am not so vain as to assume I’m Mr. Know-It-All.
Despite the negative connotation of the word ‘nemesis’, the key word here is JUSTICE. Due praise will be given to those who have earned it and due punishment, meted out literarily to those that deserve it.

Second, the Philosophy:
As explained in the previous post, the Philosophy behind Media Nemesis is this: Get shaped, give us the Best Possible Entertainment within budget costs, encourage Talent, Imagination, a bit of Radicalism and lots of Creativity OR get EATEN!!! With the number of years we’ve devoted to making and embracing entertainment, Mediocrity is no longer acceptable neither is Budget Limitation an excuse for lack of talent or a similar absence of Creativity.

Third, the Audience:
MN is for everyone who possesses two simple attributes: A Love for Entertainment and Objectivity. For those who possess these two qualities, even the obligatory long lengths of review reading material pose no deterrent.

Fourth, the Motto:
One of the mottos (out of the several) of MN is: No Friends, No Foes, No Godfathers… All are equal in the MN Arena and the views of friends, foes, critics and no-good busybodies will be welcome and where appropriate, even PUBLISHED.

Fifth, the Areas:
News, reviews, TV, movies, books, multimedia (even encompassing video games and interactive content), websites, blogs, etc. You name it, MN covers it!

Lastly, the Contributors:
In sharp contrast to several blogs and in tandem with the fourth point I just made, MN is an Open Forum blog. All objective contributions will be acknowledged and published where applicable though MAINLY at MY discretion.
Why encourage Public Contributors? Well, it would be impossible for me to personally cover and review every bit of local and international entertainment and moreover, a contributor might write a Review or a Rejoinder to one even better that I do.
And not even the Media Nemesis blog is too sacred to be criticized…

Want to be a Contributor, Correspondent or Respondent? Just send your contributions via e-mail to medianemesis@gmail.com or click on the Comments links to publish your comments. ALL contributions (stating name, nickname or e-mail address if possible) are welcome providing that the contributor acknowledges that the blogmaster has the discretion to edit the submitted material for relevance and brevity before publishing and to use same in any other way or media deemed fit though firstly with permission from the original contributor when possible… OK, I shut up!

PS: What better way to start my very first review that to kick-off with the Musical Album Review of Storm Records’ self-proclaimed 1st Lady, Sasha and her debut album aptly titled… you guessed right! “FIRST LADY”. Watch out!
See you next post!

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