Thursday, July 10, 2008

The Second Apology...

My boss has his own way of punishing delinquency in the work place. If you screw up two times, he quietly calls you into his office and explains your failings to you in coloured details. Then to drive home his point, he ends the sermon with the stern warning: “There will not be a third time…”

That’s how it has been with me and MN. Yeah, I know I’m making excuses again but I’ve had to go for two very engaging business trips (to Lagos of all places, not outside the country!) and one impromptu one to Bida, Niger State forcing me to leave my laptop behind due to all the horror stories I hear of harassment by the Police or their other gun-totting nighttime alter-egos. It wasn’t easy being cut off from my darling Compaq Evo but I’m back now.

This is my second UNRESERVED apology and borrowing the words of my boss, there will NOT be a third time. Or so I hope… I realize it wasn’t too nice of me to promise to review movies and other stuff that I didn’t get around to doing and so I’ve learnt my lessons. From now on, No Promises!

Of course in my absence the business reality TV show, The Apprentice Africa was rounded up (I missed the finals thanks to PHCN) so I had to scuttle that review without really knowing who won. It really hurt not to make the review deadline I’d set for myself but maybe? Till Season 2, perhaps?

How foolish of me to try and tell the future to know which reviews I’d be doing and when. But that’s all in the past now. Here instead are some more entertaining stuff to look forward to:

Yet another reality show takes over our screens soon as the new edition of the Gulder Ultimate Search this time captioned “The Lost Chronicle” kicks off on the 19th of July and instantly ideas of Lara Croft and Indiana Jones come to mind. Let’s just hope this year’s edition is far better than the last.

The Malta Guinness Street Dance Africa competition has headed off to the Continental Finals and proves just what we’ve always known and said all along: NAIJA CAN DANCE! Those dance teams have busted some moves that gave “You Got Served” and “Stomp In The Yard” a good run for their money and I can’t wait to see them square off against their African competition.

July is the month for a new TV Quarter so expect some shake-ups in your TV programme viewing habits. And there’s still the continuous torrent of good and bad Nollywood movies as well as new music releases from the likes of Styl Plus, Sound Sultan, Six Foot Plus, etc alongside their musical videos in a few months to come. P-Square must be really dancing to the bank as their “Game Over” music videos seem to be on their way to becoming a runaway success like the audio CD did some months back.

On the hard copy front, Adesuwa Onyeokwe’s “Today’s Woman” magazine also looks to be a huge success. Spent a good part of two days trawling Lagos for a copy of TW as it is popularly called and all the vendors reported the same thing: it had all been sold out! Hear people are already booking copies in advance! Thumbs up to Adesuwa and the TW crew if what the vendors tell me is the truth. I’ll reserve my true opinions till I read a copy myself.

Then there’s the gist of my business wakas to share with you, more and more blogs to read and write, comments to be made and the earlier promised reviews are still coming back, trip or no trip. It sure looks like it’s going to be a busy month already.

But like I said before, NO PROMISES.

After all, Man proposes… and GOD controls…


Woomie O! said...

4NE, welcome back.
For a media review blog, you've got so much to catch up on.
Don't leave like this again...some bloggers depend on your gist.

Charizard said...

Apology first time here so I have absolutely no idea what u r apologising for....

hmmn....will def be watching though..

Naughty Eyes said...

@ Woomie O!: Glad to be back too. I love traveling but shuttling non-stop for 2 weeks can kill! Yes, I'm going to try catching up but I'm not promising anything. Some bloggers depend on my gist? How touching...

@ Charizard: Welcome to my Nemesis. Happy you could drop in. See, the thing is, I'd promised some reviews earlier but didn't deliver so I'm still apologizing.