Sunday, January 25, 2009

My Last Personal Post On MN?

Professionalism Vs. Personalism

You know my P, don’t you?

Your “P” according to Naeto C. as I once saw him explain on the Glo show is your persona, your personality or your swagger. It is what makes you, you.

But this is not about Naeto C. This is about me.

Over the past couple of months I’ve had serious dents to my “P”. I don’t have the “right” job. I seem to be on the wrong train. I’m stuck in the mud. I have had several personal problems that I won’t trouble you with here for now.

My swagger it seems has slowly turned into a stagger.

When I started Media Nemesis, I had dreams, I had goals. I had in mind a blog, an open forum, something akin to 14th & Serenity, an arena where anybody and everybody who had something good, bad and downright ugly to say about Entertainment could log in, express their views and log out.

I envisaged a gathering of intellectuals, an assemblage of literary geniuses each one contributing his / her part towards making the great Nigerian entertainment dream a reality. A place where we would work together with our chisels, gradually, painstakingly chipping away at The System until finally mediocrity would be uprooted not just by its roots but all its seeds and leaves would be burnt and blown away like chaff before the winds of creativity.

It would be through Media Nemesis (and our constructive criticisms) by which would ride the vehicle towards achieving the “impossible”: The Oscar-winning Nigerian movie, the Grammy-winning Nigerian album.

This vision, sadly, has remained very cloudy. MN has taken an about-turn and evolved into another phenomenon of its own entirely.

For months I have battled with my Nemesis (and Media Nemesis), trying to determine what exactly my P is. I’ve debated and asked opinions if the current trend with which I have published posts is truly the way forward. It has become a big dilemma for me. Do I focus solely on entertainment or do I incorporate elements of my personal issues in MN? Is professionalism been overtaken by personalism?

I even thought of incorporating a poll on the blog in search for a public answer. That might still be necessary in the long run. But for now I think I’ve found a temporary answer and it took a sharp dig in the ribs from a friend for me to grasp what it was.

Only the observant might have noticed it but some mild drama has been going on behind the MN scenes that eventually saw me modifying the Blog Header several times and removing my Contributors from our blogroll. It’s entirely my fault really. Good manners dictate I ought to have notified them first. The thing with me is that I’m always mentally hyper-active, toying with ideas, introducing new stuff, removing old ones and all that.

And now I, JonXavier, like Obama have decided to go for Change (it’s becoming an over-flogged cliché, I know). 

MN is going to revert to its initial idea of being a Media, Entertainment and other such gist platform.

I will contribute occasionally to Esquire’s Spoken Word blog, a task which I’m beginning to like actually.

My other blog, The Phoneparazzi will still remain exactly as it was.

My other other blog, Not The Office is just coming online.

And now after some very serious thinking, I have decided to create yet another new blog for my personal views, gossip, ranting, insanities and womanizing.

Five Blogs? That’s IMPOSSIBLE! I know…

You’ll just throw your readers into confusion and get fewer comments! I agree…

It’ll mean even more hard work and absolutely no play! I’m fully aware of that…

It’s MADNESS! Well, in case you never knew it before, I do believe I am insane so that’s no news actually. I just want to see how far I can carry this madness. Maybe in the end I’ll tire of it all and just merge all the blogs together. Or leave blogville entirely. There’s enough time so let’s wait and see.

If you’ve ever visited these pages and remotely enjoyed what you read, I now invite you to check out the remainder of it scattered all over blogville. I can only promise to make them just as good. Please feel free to click on the links on the right.

And oh, my Contributors, I truly, truly do want you back please? I’m sorry for being a tit, I really am.

There! I’m done. I’m sure that somewhere out there there’s someone who’s reading this, shaking his head and saying “This guy is not serious! I’m very sure a woman is behind all of this.”

You know what? You’re right as usual…

You know my P, don’t you?


Danny Bagucci said...

Guess you sound like its something you've thoght long and hard about... I'm certainly game....

Naughty Eyes said...

@ DB: Yes, it was. Glad you're joining the new train.
PS: Wasn't this the same comment you sent to Badderchic? LOL!!!

Danny Bagucci said...

"Essentially" but Badder's was longer -- since she was threatening to go private ---- but maybe it just goes to show my "consistency of thought" lol..

Buttercup said...

i wud suggest that u merge it all into one, that way, every post is read and u dont neglect any blog cos u have just one!