Saturday, January 10, 2009

Two Truths, One Lie



There’s something about “tagging” that is kinda hard to explain. I mean, I love it when other bloggers get tagged but I’ve been dreading the thing like plague. In the back of my mind I’ve been seriously cheering myself on thinking I’d successfully dodge it till I’ve spent at least one year in Blogville.

So Seye has to go and get my ass tagged huh? *sigh* Anyway, let me get down to business.

Like him, I’m not so sure of the rules either but copying from Toluwa’s blog, I think the meme ought to go like this:

a. Tell three things about yourself, two should be true and one a lie.

b. Commenters should guess which two are true and which one is a lie and tell why they think so.

c. Tag 6 people to do the same.

d. Post the answers in your next blog, but only after you have a good number of comments

Since I’ve revealed a whole lot about myself in my “About Me” post, it’s rather difficult to come up with what to lie to you guys about so employing the device called “dating-speak”, here goes:


1. I have been in only two real relationships
2. I am still sticking to my vow of abstainence.
3. I have never dated anyone my age or younger

Now, come on! That was easy-peasy, abi?

With that, I hereby tag the following, some of whom might have done it already anyway:

(got ya!)
Esquire (you too!
Danny Baguci (no vex abeg!)
Doug a.k.a. Hot Doug (yeah, yeah, I feel your anguish…)
Rayo (fine gals love tags abi?)
Teebay (No, I never forget you so I say make I disturb you small)

Screw Rule (d)! Expect the correct answer in my next post coming up in 2 days time anyway, comments or none.

Is this the shortest post I’ve ever done…? Thanks Seye!

PS: Despite my hectic schedule and lean purse, I’ve accepted to be a Contributor onEsquire’s other blog. Honestly, I think the dude thinks so highly of me that I wonder if he won’t rescind his invite when he eventually realizes I am totally clueless on what the blog is about!

You can click on this link to catch the buzz…


seye said...

No offense but I think number 3 is the right!

Naughty Eyes said...

Hey! I thought you were supposed to be guessing which two are true and which is the lie and why? Hmmm... No rule-breaking oh!

seye said...

Yeah Number 3 is the lie!I take my stand

aloted said... wan cheat abi??lol...

i think number 3 is the lie...

teebay said...

well i'd say i think the 2nd is true, cos uv only had 2real relationships.

the 3rd shd be a lie

esquire said...

I think the number 2 is the lie cos i know you are not sticking to any vow of abstinence, you're not just lucky!

Danny Bagucci said...

Number 2 seems out of place to me... I'd go for that one.. But then my mind says 1 or 3.. LOL...

Naughty Eyes said...

@ Seye: You take your stand after trying to deceive me by employing logic and deductive exclusion eh? My fellow computer geek, you try!

@ Aloted: Thanks for notifying me to Seye's tricks. Welcome to my blog!

@ Teebay: Hmm... Now which of my ex-girlfriends has been keeping score for you?

@ Esquire: You suppose answer question, you dey yab me abi? Just wait till you do your own meme!

@ DB: Number 2 it is then! Oh bother! C'mon! Make up your mind... LOL!

Danny Bagucci said...

Bros Naughty Eyes --- In view of the great voyage of self- discovery your tag made me go through, I have becomem a firm believer in its therapeutic abilities.. Kindly be advised therefore, that you have been tagged on the 2 truths, 1 lie meme.. All previous rules apply.... Yours Sicnerely - Danny Bagucci...LOL...

Naughty Eyes said...

@ DB again: Bros (so my Papa play reach go your side?)
My people have a saying. It goes: "If dog bite you the first time, the dog dey crase. If you allow the same dog bite you the second time, na you dey crase."
Actually, it's not an original saying. It was coined from the Chinese version: "First fool no be fool. Second fool na proper foolish"
You want me to rediscover myself two times? What if I come discover say I suppose be twin to Osama or Obama for that matter?
I'm no Christopher Columbus jo! Tag someone else to do this re-re-discovery abeg! LOL!