Monday, August 25, 2008

Better keep it to yourself!

If you think you have a great business idea that you believe in, don't take it to the Dragon's' Den on national TV, chances are, they won't buy your idea...but they might steal it!

I marvel at the way they turn down business plans, afterall, the idea behind SMEs is to start small and build your dream into something great.

I think it's both stupid and hilarious when the dragons ask you how many millions you're putting into your business or what infrastructures you've put in place to support your business etc. If these pitchers had all these things, they wouldn't be on the show exposing their unique business ideas and secrets to copy cats in Nigeria and beyond in the first place.

As far as I know (correct me if I'm wrong), these dradons have only backed one single business (the guy with the mobile map idea) and the show has been running for weeksssss now. I dare say there have been better ideas for the dragons to throw weight on but, what is wrong with them??? especially Chris Parkes and Alexander Amosu (even though I think he's really cute).

Alex. Chris

I loved the idea of making books and stationaries out of our local fabrics (pity I don't have millions of naira to back the guy's business idea) but no, 'someone' (below) had to point out the terrible finishing (as if???)

Helloooo! isn't that why the guy brought his idea to you? And someone complained about the price too...some of these dragons buy their stuff at NuMetro Media o! And a common jotter could cost much more there, you know?

I felt really sorry for that guy (and many more of his kind) because his idea may not be completely copy protected or registered .

I must confess that there've been some awfully stupid people with stupid ideas on the show but they got what was coming to them from the dragons...I have no problem with those ones.

Truth is, I dont understand what is wrong with UBA, MTN (who by the way, will sponsor anything, except of course a functioning customer care center for MTN users to call and bitch about their poor case you didn't know, 180 is a least on my MTN line it is) and the Dragons. If you know you won't support these people, just don't hide behind a trademark and try to steal people's business ideas, it ungodly!.

Besides, UBA should find something else to sponsor, they have no business with new ideas. Bank PHB!!! what's up?? Afterall, you're all about ideas.


Anonymous said...

Talking rubbish, it's agood cause and a great show!

esquire said...

It's a fact that they are stealing ideas but contestants too need to be prepared before going on the show. I dont know about asking you how many millions you're putting into your business or what infrastructures you've put in place to support your business but they should have a detailed proposal that entails the rate of demand for the idea/product, how to seek for demand and the amount of profit the business will yield.

Woomie O! said...

@ Anonymous: are you the guy whose idea they sponsored??? If yes, no wonder.
But just in case you haven't been on the show, here's a business idea you can take to your beloved dragons: posting pesky anonymous comments on people's blogs, they will definitely buy it!, afterall, no one as tried it before.

Another thing is, you're probably watching the show to steal people's ideas because you're too eeerm-what's the word??? to think up one.

THE IDEA OF DRAGONS DEN ISN'T A BAD ONE, my headache is that the dragons are just too afraid to venture into businesses with potential.
You obviously misunderstood me.

Standtall said...

Lol at your review. I dont watch the show so I cant say much