Monday, August 18, 2008

An Elegy To Blogville

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Before someone I know reads this and panics… No, I’m not leaving blogville. Seems like yesterday I joined this party and I ain’t leaving at least till I celebrate my 1 year blog-iversary.

But it seems some people are getting tired of the virtual champagne and leaving cyberspace to nurse their hangovers at home. Any discerning blog viewer of mine would have noticed slight changes to my VIP Blog Posse. That’s right. The beautiful Stella Damasus Aboderin has decided to take a hike.

Oh, beautiful Stella D., the Number 3 of my fantasies… Why did you have to leave the party just as I had summoned courage to ask your hand for our cyber dance? If I could write a poem for you, honestly I would. She used to blog here but now the link goes nowhere. I hope you change your mind and come back better than. I still have your pages saved though.

Then there’s Pink Stain, part hostess of Blogville Idols 2008. We never met online or off but I got to know her through her online version of the music talent show. What sort of bombshell chick she was, I was just about to find out but never got the chance. By the time you read this, she might have deleted her blog too.

But it’s not all bad news though. Several Bloggers who decided to take a break (without our permission, o!) are now back full time. Yes, Esquire has returned and Funmi is also back (missed her so I almost died!) and Aloofar too after his post-Obama speech break. Here’s also wishing Fine Boy Agbero stays out of those notorious NURTW brawls so he can do his thing online the way he knows how to do so well. And our prayer vigils for Charizard worked too. That hommie needed some good ol’ cyber-loving and he’s fine right now.

On another sad note, another of my favs that will soon be taking the curtain call is The Nollywood Critique. When she first appeared with the piece, “An Ode to Nollywood”, I was way over the moon and asked to be a Contributor there. Some weeks ago, I got an e-mail from the movie maven herself saying she’s going to give the blog the axe. All those of you who visit and like the concept, please join me and send a well-worded e-mail to Nneoma pleading with her not to bow out.

After all if the party stops now, then who the hell am I supposed to dance with? I’d like to have my Posse back, PLEASEEEEE…????

PS: Quick Takes
It must have been a slightly difficult decision on her part but she accepted. What am I talking about? Yes, she accepted my proposal! And No, it wasn’t a marriage proposal.

A new slightly noticeable change to my blog is the inclusion of… wait for it… (drum roll please) A TEAM MEMBER! Join me in welcoming Woomie as she takes a seat on the MN Editorial desk. And our joint prayer is: May this Nemesis not come to an end.


rayo said...

i looovvvveeee blogville

esquire said...

I can't believe i haven't discovered your blog until now. and to talk of the references given to me? men... i'm very mad at myself right now. nice blog anyways... and thanks for the honour.

Stella Damasus said...

Well, just to let you know that a fan of Stella's created a fansite for her and it's at You can check it out. :)

Anonymous said...

Well, just to let you know that a fan of Stella's created a fansite for her. Its at Please check it out. :)

Naughty Eyes said...

@ Rayo: Me tooooooo!

@ Esquire: Sometimes the best praise is the silent one

@ Stella D / Anonymous: Thanks so much for the link. I'm putting it on the blog ASAP

AlooFar said...

Can you imagine... Obama hasn't paid me for the Speech ;)

How are you?

Naughty Eyes said...

@ Aloofar: I'm cool thank you, and welcome. Seems we'll be getting to know ourselves better vewy, vewy, vewy soon...