Monday, August 11, 2008


I'm still stuck here... but alive. And I didn't go blind, Thank God! You know, I'm beginning to actually enjoy this informal blogging style but I promise to get back to the MN Mission Statement as soon as possible.

Anyway, I went to church on Sunday and guess what? The place was FULL! I mean, it wasn't a Church festivity or anything and there were actually 3 other Masses to attend during the day but the place was bursting at its seams like Jesus was coming tomorrow (He actually was, but considered poor sinner me - and gave me another day to repent!)

Back to the Church... It was St. Cyprain's Church, New Oko Oba and I must say the followership I saw there moved me. The members of the congregation seemed to cheerfully adjust to the over-crowding as we all sought seating space even in the stairwell! Me, I took my small corner and tried to flatten myself against the wall as well as I could. My heart went out to some women, men and children who stood (yes, stood) for the entire duration of the Mass. It was a far cry from my Uni days in PHC were the students would have marched out if they couldn't find ikebe space. God must have looked down on His children that day and beamed with pride.

My only grudge was my stairwell seat which seemed to be a favourite for those church members walking up and down. I got stepped on by the guys and buffeted on the head by the hips of those well-endowed Yoruba women (I didn't mind the hips especially if they belonged to a virile vixen but the Catholic Mothers' was another issue altogether - there's just no dodging that one!) Let's just say I got a headache.

Ironically, my position was exactly at eye-level with every woman's left hand and it was a fun exercise watching the different way women wear their rings. Singles, engaged, married, fashion and the bare. It's a wonder I heard anything at all in Church yesterday. It was a great experience though worshipping in a committed Church.

As I walked home, I couldn't help wondering: Why are we so religious? And not so Godly?

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