Saturday, August 9, 2008

Hating on This Cybercafe

Hi y'all!

I was out for a while again, now I'm back again... again! Reason? I've been trapped in the Land of Eko, abandoned by my Boss who sent me here on an errand and mysteriously cut off my travel allowance midway through the whole thing. Told the guy I'm not returning to work till he pays all my allowances to the "A" so we're both sitting it out now to see who caves in first. Miss all the articles I have already saved on my HDD ready for posting but Thank God I have a bro who came to my rescue accomodation-wise. If not I might have been forced to sleep under the bridge (which one, by the way do people sleep under? Forgive me, I truly don't know)

I'm still stuck in Lasgidi without my darling PC so I can't blog as I used to hence my currently scattered form and format. Decided to try out the cybercafe close by and I'm sincerely regretting that decision. At least they are slightly better than one I went to that still uses Windows '95 (13 whole years after!) but nothing much separates the two. Worse, I hear it's the only one within the Fagba area of Agege.

Spent an entire hour just trying to log in to Blogger before realising it would never open. Switched to another PC and now I'm sitting in front of a system with a monitor that shows only the colour RED! Imagine that? I'm almost going blind typing this. Honestly, Lagos, I'm disappointed.

When folks like Laspapi and Esquire complain of Internet services, I'm always like: "Guys, don't worry. It ain't easy but let's manage till we all get our own individual browsing services." What a DREAM!

Anyways, if you don't read from me in a while, know I'm temporarily blind and jobless to boot. I'm thinking of turning professional beggar since that's the only qualification I'll soon have if I continue typing this.

So, I'm out...

Happy weekend!
PS: The pix shows the said RED monitor I had to use. To make matters worse, the cafe was in complete darkness!

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Carlang said...

My sympathies.
As a fellow blogger i realize how terrible it is to be without a fix for your addiction.


As an insane blogger it is my duty to seize my rightful position.


There. Howz that for a lovely end to a lovely week?