Tuesday, August 19, 2008

New Horizons

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As if Life was not short enough, I had to go and make mine busier. I’m still NOT making any promises but here’s a sneak preview of a few new projects I’ll be handling in the next few months:

1. The Phoneparazzi
What do you get when you cross a smart guy with naughty eyes, innocent looks, a paparazzi heart, a camera phone and a blog? You get the Phoneparazzi! This photo-blog chronicles Life in Nigeria as seen through the lens of a camera phone.

2. MN Expanded
MN isn’t just about TV and music; it’s about what goes on online too. Starting anytime soon, you’ll be able to check out my views on certain blogs and websites that populate the WWW. (Thanks to Lolu-Kush and Charizard for the inspiration).

That apart, permit me to indulge myself as I will also take a critical look at my favourite pastime: video games. I admit I’m so mad about them that I’ll be wrestling the gamepad with my kids in years to come!
Plus: MN is still on the look-out for new Contributors so if you think there’s a single critic’s bone in your body, I’ll be glad to post your stuff here as well.

3. Nollywood Plots
Not only do I get to tear apart the movies, you get to read up the entire plot before you decide to see the movie or not. Yeah, I know it will be a movie spoiler but as an addition, you will get insights into the Nollywood personalities as well, courtesy of links to sites like Nollywoodwatch.com and the artistes’ own webpages. The possible vehicle for this will be Wikipedia.

4. Fiction Online
Now is the turn of the Nemesis to do a reversal on me as I post some of my previous works of Literature online. If you’ve been thinking my writing is wack and never had an opportunity to say so, here’s YOUR chance to be the Reviewer.

5. The Office
When I’m not moonlighting as Naughty Eyes on Media Nemesis, you can catch me in the Office working my butt off as I am constantly bombarded with criticisms for leaving the best part of my brain at home. And it’s all my fault really for signing on that dotted line.

But it isn’t always about work. Office life can be fun too sometimes and this blog will tell you all there is to know within and even outside my workplace.

And when I’m not hard at work in the Office, you can catch me moonlighting as Naughty Eyes on Media Nemesis...

6. 419 Letters
It’s me versus the con boys as I take on a certain spammer who thinks I’m sucker enough to fall for his fraudulent e-mails. In this series of columns I get to analyze his plots and strategies as we play our word chess games. For this role I’ll be taking on yet another secret identity this time as a gullible, greedy and foolish Nigerian willing to part with his hard earned cash and account numbers.

In Conclusion…
So you see, there are so many more things to write about and these are just the visible tips. The icebergs are out there floating somewhere deep in my subconscious. I’ve got me some more serious writing to do and I have to bounce outta here. I’ll activate the links and notify everyone whenever the additional blogs become active.

Peace... for now.


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