Wednesday, August 20, 2008

The Next Generation is here on Media Nemesis!!!!

Pop champagne!!!!

Woomie is here!!!

So, I've spent almost a decade trying to figure out what my maiden post on MN should be...but oh well! I decided to welcome myself here by myself first before cracking my fragile brains.

Watch out for the team of Woomie and Nutty Nutty eyes on this blog...Soon, y'all will stop watching T.V and movies and ads and even reading blogs sef. Why??? because we will watch all these things for you, lol!

Stay tuned for all the juicy news in Nigeria's world of entertainment (nemesis).

Like Naughty Eyes said earlier, if you think you have a critic bone in you, you're invited to contribute. Don't wait! You may need to audition to join in a few months (I mean like Pop Idols audition)

Anyways, stay tuned!

...I think I already said that.


esquire said...

i am so very jealous of you... i'll love 2 join but unfortunately, i dont watch tv... but i may join the phoneparazzi thingy. one love.

Naughty Eyes said...

To Woomie: Thanks a million (no, make that a million zillion gadzillion) for joining. You've just paid me the biggest compliment anyone ever could.
As for your post, what can I say? Catchy, apt title, witty writing, beautiful pix, clearly the most vibrant and lively post on my blog ever.
OK, maybe I'm a wee bit biased...?

Naughty Eyes said...

@ Esquire: MN is about media generally, including (but not limited to TV) and entertainment as well including sports or just a few random ramblings. Like I said in New Horizons, there are even more spheres of entertainment and Life to cover. Take music for example, a field which you review (in my opinion) so well...

esquire said...

After I gave that comment, I had a rethink of how I can contribute. Well, I will like to look at an area of the media that covers entertainment with the exception of TV that is. I want to review music videos (is that TV? Not necessarily), radio (stations, programmes, presenters, adverts etc etc) since that’s the only media I’m more familiar with. However, I want you to know that I may not write lengthy pieces and may not have much to contribute but I will like to join the media nemesis anyways. So, am I in?

Naughty Eyes said...

@ esquire: BIG TIME! Whoopie!!!!
Ok, just expect the invite.