Saturday, August 16, 2008

Thrice Beaten, Twice Shy...

Sports - Beijing 2008 - Football

“And Obinna looks up to the sky and says ‘Thank you!’ while Goodson looks down to the ground and says ‘Oh no!’ "
- Commentator’s comment as Obinna Nsofor scores second goal against the USA in the ongoing Beijing Olympics football event.

Thrice Beaten…
Ok, I deserve it. Yes, I truly deserve it. The punishment, I mean of watching the Falcons suffer yet another defeat. And yes, I agree I swore not to ever watch them play again but it wasn’t entirely my fault that I broke my resolution barely 24 hours after making it.

In case I didn’t tell you before, being an avid watcher of ALL female sports especially gymnastics, volleyball, tennis and football (in that order), I swear there’s nothing that gets my testosterone pumping better than the hiking-up of a decidedly short skirt when those Williams sisters hit a sizzling service down the courts or the sights of all those things that make them female jiggle when their fellow feminine counterparts play the round leather game (not as if our female National team has much to jiggle anyway).

Plus: a certain blogger named Rayo put some thoughts in my head when she commented that maybe she’d consider signing up for the female National team (as if I thought I’d see her filing out against the Brazilian babes just like that!) And like I’ve said before, there’s something about female sports that can never keep me away.

So I decided to punish myself once again and watch them play against their Brazilian opponents. I admit the Brazilian female team was more than half the reason I endured le tortura in the first place. Apart from the United States team, this is one team that is undoubtedly all-woman (if you get my drift).

And with enemies like the ones I saw hammer our gals 3-1, men truly, who needs friends?

Twice Shy…
Since I’ve been breaking all my resolutions of late, I decided to watch the guys play too and I must say the match against the USA gave me more fun in the last five minutes than in the entire match! No one could have put it better than the commentator when he said: “Fans in the US and Nigeria must be biting their fingers by now. The fingernails have long gone!”

Now seriously, apart from their draw with the Netherlands, the male football team, Dream Team IV has twice come close to losing their victories over Japan and the U.S.A. Though the Nigerian team did emerge victorious in both encounters, the slim margins of 1 - 0 and 2 - 1 respectively is enough cause for concern.

Now I’m nowhere near a professional sports analyst and I’m very sure someone else somewhere must have done all the analysis on his/her blog but (whisper mode on) I have serious doubts about the Dream Team winning the Quarter final match against Ivory Coast.

The match starts in a few minutes. Ok, guys. I’ve expressed doubts in you. Now it’s your turn to GO OUT THERE AND PROVE ME WRONG!

PS: Back in Lagos… And loving it!
Ok, quickly: I’m back in Lagos after leaving for a very short while and this time it’s different ‘cause I brought my PC with me! Sadly I won’t be staying long enough to attend the Summer Bloggers Reunion next week. Verily, verily I say unto thee: Every day in this city is an eye-opener and I can’t wait to write about it when I get back to my base this weekend.

Stay posted!

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